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Our local Chicago Area team works fast to provide the best possible solution for any situation or challenge you might be facing. In our 7 years we have handled everything imaginable, and have the testimonials to prove it. Once you contact us we assign an experienced Advocate to your case that goes right to work for you.
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    Fill out our contact form or call us and within 48-72hrs we will provide you with an as-is cash offer for your property regardless of its condition. Once our Advocates have appraised your property, at no charge of course, we can close on any deal, no matter the size, typically in less than a week.

  • No Equity / Short Sales

    Our ‘short sale’ and marketing team are second to none. If you feel stuck in a property because it has no equity, are ‘upside down’, or your property simply will not sell contact us right away. With a collective 25 years experience negotiating short sales with all types of lenders we have proven results for many relieved Chicago Area homeowners.
The question is not whether or not we can help you, but of when you will reach out for help. Financial challenges happen to everyone, and they do not magically disappear by ignoring them. Take the first step to a real solution and contact us today.